In Progress


monodrama-installation for voice, five performers and live electronics

text by Daniele Bellomi

commissioned by Ensemble Schallfeld with the support of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation, in co-production with IRCAM-Centre Pompidou

dove tutto è stato preso III

for electric guitar and live electronics

commissioned by Carlo Siega

Time changes the memory of things

for solo piano

commissioned by Axel Trolese

Breaking walls down (2019)

for orchestra ( timp. strings)


commissioned by Fondazione Teatro La Fenice di Venezia

Duration: 9'

Wasteland_apparent emptiness (2017)

for ensemble with amplification ad libitum

commissioned by Ensemble Proton Bern

Duration: 14’

Instrumentation: bass fl, bass & ctrb cl, ob, bsn, pf, hp, vln, vc

Of other spaces (2017)

for five spatialized musicians

commissioned by Ensemble Fractales

Duration: 19’

Instrumentation: picc., bass cl., vln, vc and pf

Tutte le estensioni dell'aura (2019)

for saxophone, percussion and electro-acoustic device


Commissioned by Duo Dubois

Duration: 11’


Exended (2019)

for bass flute, double bass paetzold recorder,

harp and live electronics


Commissioned by Airbone Extended

Duration: 13’00"


di maree, anatomia

for voice, polystyrene boxes and electro-acoustic device


Commissioned by Alda Caiello, with the support of SIAE - Classici di Oggi

Duration: 7’50"


Aria(e). Tre studi sull'aura (2018)

for voice, percussion and electroacustic device

Duration: 10’


Where the here and now of nowhere is (2018)

for cello, resonators and live electronics

Duration: 11’


dove tutto è stato preso II (2019)

for harp and live electronics


Commissioned by Biennale Musica di Venezia

Duration: 13’




Wasteland_almost a landscape (2016)

for amplified violin, viola and ensemble

Written for Mdi Ensemble

and Festival Milano Musica

Duration: 18’

Instrumentation: vln, vla // fl, bass cl, vc, pf, perc

Monochrome (2018)

for string trio


Commissioned by Festival Aperto di Reggio Emilia

Duration: 5’



Each mirror infects itself (2017)

for violin and live electronics


Written for Lorenzo Derinni and Davide Gagliardi

Duration: 6’


Umano(dis)umano (2014)

for two dancers, ensemble and live electronics

commissioned by Divertimento Ensemble,

with the support of Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation

Duration: 13’

Instrumentation: fl, cl, vln, vc, pf, perc // electronics

Le pareti sottili (2015-16)

for string quartet


Written for Zerkalo String Quartet

Duration: 17’


Concetto di aura II (2017)

for accordion


Written for Ghenadie Rotari

Duration: 6’


Finding a tangency (2012)

for ensemble

Written for Nieuw Ensemble Amsterdam

and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

Duration: 11’

Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl, mand, guit, hp, pf, perc, vln, vla, vc, db

Sommerso (Innerspace I) (2015)

for sax soprano and piano


Written for Sargas Duo

Duration: 12’


Concetto di aura (2016)

for amplified paetzold contrabbass flute


Written for Antonio Politano

Duration: 5’30"


Neverland II (2012)

for ensemble

commissioned by Divertimento Ensemble

and Festival Pontino di Musica

Duration: 17’

Instrumentation: fl, cl, pf, perc, vln, vla, vc

Oltre | Stati di materia (2014)

for bass clarinet, cello and piano


Written for Ensemble Intercontemporain

Duration: 22’


In limine (2013-14)

for violin, cello and piano


Duration: 11’


Geometrie nelle mani (2013-16)

three studies for amplified guitar


Written for Ruben Mattia Santorsa

Duration: 12’


dove tutto è stato preso (Innerspace II) (2016)

for piano


Written for or Anna D’Errico and commissioned by

Yvar Mikhashoff Trust for New Music

Duration: 16’30"




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