Extended (2019)

for bass flute, double bass paetzold recorder,

harp and live electronics


Commissioned by Airbone Extended

Duration: 13’00"


Tutte le estensioni dell'aura (2019)

for saxophone, percussion and electro-acoustic device


Commissioned by Duo Dubois

Duration: 11’


Monochrome (2018)

for string trio


Commissioned by Festival Aperto di Reggio Emilia

Duration: 5’


Le pareti sottili (2015-16)

for string quartet


Written for Zerkalo String Quartet

Duration: 17’


Sommerso (Innerspace I) (2015)

for sax soprano and piano


Written for Sargas Duo

Duration: 12’


Oltre | Stati di materia (2014)

for bass clarinet, cello and piano


Written for Ensemble Intercontemporain

Duration: 22’


In limine (2013-14)

for violin, cello and piano


Duration: 11’


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